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The moving company when you are moving abroad.

When the decision is made and you are relocating to another country, we will help you with everything regarding the move. Our moving services is absolute secure and you can rely on a smooth and safe handling of things. We are an authorized moving company that can move your belongings from anywhere in Sweden to anywhere in Europe.

When you are moving abroad things can seem complicated, but with our knowledge of all the rules and regulations, it will be easy.

If the move is outside the Nordic region

To move outside of Sweden you need special permissions if the move is going to be correctly handled. A move within the EU, the regulations are more simple if you get a Community authorization to transport your belongings across the border.

If you are moving outside the EU you will need permissions and papers regarding import and exports and an accepted apply for permission of zero duty. This paper is called CMR and is necessary for the move to go through. This is something that we have all the necessary knowledge about and we will help you get all the necessary papers.

Our experience and knowledge

As an authorized moving company we will help you all the way with the moving process and we always take our business serious regardless the size. With the extended knowledge from many years of business and with complete insurance we can ensure you a safe move outside of Sweden. Swedish Moving minimize the risks of unexpected things, witch is not something that is a sure thing if you choose an unauthorized moving company abroad.

What we offer you as our customer…

A reasonable price, a professional and personal treatment of your move. We can always answer your questions or reflections and there is not a single question, regarding a move, that we don’t know the answer to.

We will make sure that you feel safe and secure with everything regarding your move to Europe. Apart from transporting your entire household and belongings we also offer the services of inspection, packaging, storage and cleaning of the premises as a complete service. There is no other company that will ensure a more safe and complete moving service to Europe than us, so please, contact us for an offer today.