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At Swedish Moving AB we carry out both relocations and cleaning and we take on most assignments and have extensive experience in the services we offer. In addition to relocation cleaning we also perform renovation cleaning, cleaning of garages, premises, etc. Do you need other household services, we can also do this.

We carry out a large number of relocation cleanings in Stockholm and other cities such as (Uppsala, Nyköping, Enköping, Gnesta, Nyköping, etc.). Our prices vary according to size, weekend / weekday and distance from Stockholm as well as number of bookings we have the date you wish.
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We always offer relocation cleaning to our customers who’s moving. We can also offer only cleaning but prefer to do this for those who move with our help. Our relocation cleaning is complete and we always perform window cleaning which other companies often charge separately. We attach a checklist to all our quotes. We have a 7 day satisfied customer guarantee so that if the new owners are not satisfied we will return and fix any failures. We try as much as possible to get the new residents to come and see while we’re still in place and can fix it at once. It is significantly worse if inspection takes place later, and it can be stressful to return again when the new residents usually have already moved in. Unfortunately, we can not offer compensation other than coming by and correcting misses. Relocation cleaning is always very subjective and assessment can vary considerably from person to person, but also depending on the condition of the residence. New homes are often easy to get shiny clean, while older homes may be impossible to get perfect due to wear and tearing. This is important to keep in mind for the new entrants. A cleaning company can only remove dirt and wash clean, but not make it look like new.

We have long experience of cleaning and, of course we do a professional job, but regardless of how careful you are when cleaning there’s always some people that finds details that they aren’t happy with. We never challenge complaints no matter how small they are, we accept and return as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

We only use organic and harmless products and chemical materials when cleaning. Many of the products sold at supermarkets etc. can be toxic and far too strong even if they are fast and effective. A basic rule of cleaning is to work as dry as possible and use as little chemicals as possible. Taking a concentrated bottle and use to much may give quick results, but it’s not good for either the material or the environment.


Cleaning is counted as tax reduction and you can deduct 50% of the labor cost. You have to separate the material costs that are low when cleaning, as well as possible transport costs. Previously, there were few checks from the tax office and all RUT applications were approved. Recently, the tax office has employed a large number of administrators who are reviewing every detail in many RUT applications. This means unfortunately that even if you have done cleaning but missed any detail in the documentation, the RUT application can be rejected and no money paid. We think this is wrong, but through long experience we have developed a very accurate documentation system that is so detailed that no administrator can have a problem with the application. This is important because the customer can be responsible when RUT is not paid and be required to pay this money. Although RUT and ROT have been in existence for several years, there are no 100% unclear rules that can rule out something wrong. We hope that the system will be redeployed so that tax reduction will restore its true purpose, ie to ensure that cleaning work, etc. is properly reported and that the workforce is approved and all taxes are paid as they should.

We almost always put a fixed price on cleaning. If the same customer also makes a relocation reservation with us, we make sure that when booking, we can clearly distinguish what is the cleaning and how much the RUT section refers to. This is to minimize any uncertainties and misunderstandings. Over the years, we have performed many thousands of cleaning services and at every job we always send at least one highly experienced person who manages the work for everyone and checks that all the cleaning moments are made. We are not the cheapest company that performs cleaning. Competition is very big and we focus more on quality than trying to be the cheapest. By combining both relocation cleaning, moving, packing and sometimes even installation, we can offer our customers an attractive total price that can actually compete with the cheapest.