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Are you in need of storage either as an individual or for your company? Then we can help you. We have a perfect location for you whose company or home is located in Stockholm with surroundings. Our magazine is located in Södertälje, which provides an almost perfect combination of proximity versus cost.

Heated magazine

We have a large temperated magazine in Almnäs outside of Södertälje where you can rent for 120 SEK / sqm / month. The minimum charge is 3 sqm and one month, ie 360 ​​kr. The number of square meters is judged after your goods are loaded, so you only pay for exactly the area you need. Some companies apply storage in wooden boxes with certain volumes. We do not do that, so you do not have to pay for a half-full box and the most important thing is to avoid the bad air circulation that wooden boxes cause, which can cause problems with mold.

You are responsible for the insurance, which can easily be solved through your home insurance. Call your insurance company and ask what you need to do.

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